Plant/All risk Insurance

The All Risk cover was originally intended for Mainframe type of Computer with huge physical frame and not for Personal Computer of nowadays which dominant opinions believe should be insured against external damage should be excluded.

Computer All Risks should be granted only with a comprehensive maintenance agreement in force.

  • The Scope of Cover under Computer All Risks includes
  • Fire, Lighting, explosion, crashing, aircraft
  • Smoke, soot, corrosive gases
  • Water and humidity – This should not be due to normal atmospheric condition or air inherent part of normal operation
  • Short circuit, airing, poor insulation, power surges, induction implosion, design faults, assembly faults, erection faults, casting
  • Faulty operation
  • Standard Inclusion are as follows
    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosion
    • Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion
    • Aircraft Impact
    • Malicious Damage
    • Malicious Damage
    • Earthquake
    • Storm, Tempest & Flood
    • Bush Fire
    • Escape of water from any Tank, Apparatus or Burst Pipes
    • Impact by any road vehicle or Animal

Other Information

  • Volume discount applicable
  • Policy extensions possible